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We are an ISO certified company that supply complete process instruments (pressure gauge, flow meter, level gauge, temperature gauge, Digital indicator and controller, PH ORP Conductivity analyzer and Pressure Switch) from all major OEM manufacturers.We are associated with reputed worldwide manufacturers.

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We have been in operation for over years and have established an excellent reputation based on technical knowledge, quality of product, ability to respond immediately to customer requirements and first-class service.

We have developed our reputation for competitively priced quality Instruments, strong technical assistance and outstanding customer service.

For materials, we enjoy an overall advantage due to our lower overhead, operating efficiency and our Dealer/End User relationships. As a company we have set out to be the best specialist supplier of Intrumentation Items, you will ever want to deal with. You may be assured this dedication to excellence will continue

If specification not listed or need customization, send Email at cc@instrume.net for Formal Proposal